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Love/Compassion and Grounding



Under the lunar eclipse last week I did an Earth Magic oracle card reading using a moonstone crystal (for obvious reasons). I asked the cards what do I need to work on myself this month. I felt that I only needed one card while I was shuffling the cards, I didn’t know why I just went with the flow. The card that I called out was the Love/compassion card… I must have been really in tune because some of the moonstone properties are Love, compassion and caring, and I feel like I really need to work on this area. So have done a few meditation sessions using moonstone and concentrating on self-love. (By doing this post I realise I really need to work more in this area).

Love/Compassion card & Moonstone

earth magic oracle cards


I have also been trying to work on being grounded. After meditating or using crystals I always feel restless, light headed, dizzy and  sometimes like I’m not here on this realm or my sleep is affected. So I got my self some hematite and a black obsidian to help me in this area. And so far i feel a lot more calmer and stable even when i just hold them in my hands and focus on being connected with the earth I get an instant relaxing feeling. Again i need to work more in this area as I like to get distracted and trail off.

Hematite's & black obsidian