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Feelin’ “Yuck & Stuck”? Need to Ground?

Feelin’ “Yuck & Stuck”? Need to Ground?

This energy shift thats supposed to be happening right now could be the reason why I’m feeling very spaced out, lethargic and that feeling I’m not really here like I’m floating out of my body. Whatever it is I’m sure many people are experiencing the same thing.

Hibiscus Moon recommends that we stay grounded and use crystals like black tourmaline, smokey quartz & hematite to helps us to do that.

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Please go check out Hibiscus Moon blogs and youtube channel if you want to know more about crystals and crystal healing. She’s so cool. ❤

Earth Child  ❤

Love/Compassion and Grounding



Under the lunar eclipse last week I did an Earth Magic oracle card reading using a moonstone crystal (for obvious reasons). I asked the cards what do I need to work on myself this month. I felt that I only needed one card while I was shuffling the cards, I didn’t know why I just went with the flow. The card that I called out was the Love/compassion card… I must have been really in tune because some of the moonstone properties are Love, compassion and caring, and I feel like I really need to work on this area. So have done a few meditation sessions using moonstone and concentrating on self-love. (By doing this post I realise I really need to work more in this area).

Love/Compassion card & Moonstone

earth magic oracle cards


I have also been trying to work on being grounded. After meditating or using crystals I always feel restless, light headed, dizzy and  sometimes like I’m not here on this realm or my sleep is affected. So I got my self some hematite and a black obsidian to help me in this area. And so far i feel a lot more calmer and stable even when i just hold them in my hands and focus on being connected with the earth I get an instant relaxing feeling. Again i need to work more in this area as I like to get distracted and trail off.

Hematite's & black obsidian