The 11:11 phenomenon

by earthchild33


I’ve seen this everywhere in the last few years now… maybe 3 years? At first I thought nothing of it, but one day a friend looked at her watched and the time said 9:11pm, she sighed because she always see’s this number when looking at her watch, and that made me realise that I see 11:11 everywhere and I told her about it, and she said she was sure there’s something to it. Couple of days later she twitted me saying I should look up the number 11:11, that there was a lot of information on this number. So I did, and I was overwhelmed with the information. I didn’t know what to believe or what I shouldn’t. I still don’t know exactly what I believe but I do feel it’s to do with my spiritual awakening and its a message or some sort of an alert for me to take notice of something or even a reminder to become more aware either within or even in my surroundings. But when I see the number now I take the time to thank everything in my life so far and to thank what’s to come in the future, because what ever it is I know it will be the right thing.

The reason I wrote this post today was because I saw the number 3.33 on my phone and that made me realise since noticing the number 11:11, the last year or so I’ve been seeing the numbers 2:22, 3:33, 4,44 and sometimes 5:55. Maybe it’s linked with my spiritual awakening or just a coincident? Who knows?

Here are some meanings of 11:11 from IN5D


‘What does 11:11 mean?

11:11 is subjective to the interpreter and to the interpretation.  In other words, YOUR interpretation is the only interpretation that matters!  Here are the many interpretations of 11:11.

11:11 Awareness: The first thing you should pay attention to when you see a synchronistic number is what you’re either doing or thinking at that particular moment.  You should also be cognizant of your surroundings, such as the song that you’re currently listening to or even something as simple as the rays of sunshine coming in through your window.

11:11 Gateway or Portal:  11:11 is the doorway between two worlds – between the 3rd dimensional and the 5th dimensional worlds.

Angelic Humans:  According to George Barnard, 11:11 is “the calling card for beings that are half angels and half humans”.

Angels and Spirit Guides: Your guardian angel or spirit guide is trying to connect with you.

Balance:  Your life is either gaining or becoming more in balance when you see 11:11.  This might also be an affirmation that your life is in complete balance as well.

Binary DNA Code: The brain is like a computer, which relies on binary codes (1’s and 0’s).  In this premise, 11:11 is the binary code that awakens your dormant (junk) DNA.

Digital Time Code: This theory encapsulates several theories within the same premise.  11:11 unlocks your DNA and opens the subconscious mind through physically seeing these digital numbers and re-remembering why your brain was coded to remember the importance of 11:11.

DNA Activation: The number 11 represents twin strands of DNA, so for some people, this is a sign of a DNA activation or upgrade.

Edgar Cayce: As I mentioned in a previous article, Edgar Cayce was quoted as saying, “The first lesson for six months should be One-One-One- One; Oneness of God, oneness of man’s relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, Oneness in every effort-Oneness- Oneness!”  Edgar may have meant, “The first lesson for six months should be 11:11.”

Fibonacci Sequence:  The first two numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence are 1,1.  The Fibonacci Sequence is basically tied into Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio of Creation, so this number would represent an end to physical reality as we know it.

Global Consciousness: When you see 11:11, you feel connected with the Universe and everyone else who is currently experiencing this phenomenon. You completely understand what “we are all one” means.

Make a Wish: Many teens are playing the 11:11pm game without really even knowing the significance behind 11:11.  If they notice that it’s 11:11pm, they make a wish.  Is it possible that these children are indigos and 11:11 represents an awakening code for them?

Numerology: The number 11 is a Master Number and represents impractical idealism, visionary, refinement of ideals, intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius, avant-garde, androgynous, film, fame, refinement fulfilled when working with a practical partner.

Spiritual Purpose: 11:11 presents you an opportunity to reflect on your spiritual purpose for being here.

Synchronicity: Your life has become total balance and the lesson you need to learn will appear before you.  “When the pupil is ready, the master appears”.

Wake Up Call:  11:11 signifies your spiritual awakening, as this number seems to be predominantly noticed by those who have begun their spiritual journeys. It may also be seen as a code to unlock your subconscious mind.’